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European and American Ceramics were born as early as 1972. In Germany, a professional ceramic jewelry designer has long begun to tirelessly explore and research ceramic jewelry. Today, ceramic jewelry is generally recognized in people's daily lives.

Traditional jewelry production, mostly using pearl, jadeite, coral, agate, crystal and other common materials. In our country, ceramics were first used to make utensils. And China's ceramics have a long history, dating back thousands of years. The use of ceramics as a material for jewelry first occurred in Europe. However, with the reform and opening up, China has also quickly discovered the market for ceramic jewelry, and as a porcelain country, it has also very keenly opened up its own design path in the production process of ceramic jewelry.

Ceramic jewelry inherits the advantages of ceramic utensils, with brilliant colors and dazzling luster. And because of the trace elements contained in ceramics, it can improve the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation, and have a very good impact on health. In the pursuit of green and healthy, ceramic jewelry has deservedly become the new favorite of the fashion industry.

Classical ceramics, combined with avant-garde design, with fashionable accessories, ceramic jewelry not only has its own elegant artistic conception, but also takes into account the sense of fashion. In terms of shape, it is also full of flowers, no longer limited to traditional patterns. As long as the designer can think of it, it can be done with ceramic materials. And it can also be matched with traditional amber, crystal and other materials to make ceramic jewelry more stylish.

Although ceramic jewelry is varied, its finished product is very low. Therefore, the price is also far cheaper than gold, pearls, etc. The unique crystal clear beauty of ceramics, in terms of texture, is not inferior to pearls. The glaze of different colors has been designed and polished, and the jewelry made has its own unique charm compared to gold jewelry.

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